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Retainer Risk Management Services

An experienced risk management consultant is permanently assigned to each client to coordinate all of the various elements of the risk management program. The consultant will interview key staff and administrators and evaluate the present program to get recent history and current status.


The evaluation will include both internal systems (organization, methods and procedures, record keeping, loss control, reporting methods and budgeting) and external systems (brokers, insurance companies, service companies of various types and other external components). Problem areas will be pinpointed and alternative solutions developed to solve them. Our consultants work on a retainer, by the project, or on an hourly basis.


Total costs vary with the client, size and scope of the project, current level of risk management sophistication, and the time and travel needed to complete the assignment. We typically make our proposals with a maximum cost lid so that clients know, in advance, maximum possible costs.




  • Inspections and surveys

  • Assistance in developing and utilizing property conservation and personnel safety programs.

  • Loss and claim analysis.

  • Risk funding analysis.

  • Program development.

  • Specification preparation and marketing.

  • Proposal analysis.

  • Assistance in loss and claims adjustment.

  • Staff training and development.

  • Continuous monitoring of risk management programs.

  • Recommendations for program improvement.

Special Project Services

Insurance, like many other disciplines, has developed its own lexicon. We address underwriters in their terminology, and focus on their concern. This approach consistently produces superior results in both coverage and pricing for our clients.




  • Generally includes inspections of major facilities.

  • Photographs and diagrams.

  • Loss and claim analysis.

  • Insurance program development.

  • Specifications.

  • Marketing aid.

Insurance Specification Preparation And Marketing


Mergers & Acquisitions

Coordination of merger activities in connection with the risk management and insurance programs to take advantage of synergistic conditions and to recognize, then reduce or eliminate problems at the earliest possible moment, and at the lowest cost.




  • Pre-merger or acquisition analysis.

  • Post merger or acquisition analysis and service.

Staff Training

Programs are designed and scheduled around your specific needs. Classes generally take a seminar form with individual instruction where needed. Advanced training can de designed or special topics addressed upon request.




  • Individuality designed programs to address specific problems.

  • Staff training and development.

  • Training offered on-location at your site.

  • Training offered at your convenience.

  • Specially designed training materials available for your staff.


Risk Funding Alternatives

Comparison of available alternatives with discussion of pro’s and con’s of each and recommendations.




  • Deductible Plans.

  • Retrospective Rating Plans.

  • Self Insurance Plans.

  • Captive Studies.


Individual Counsel

Individually designed solutions to specific problems and/or opportunities. Typically this level of service is most utilized by firms who have risk management personnel on staff to complete special projects with short-range deadlines; to fill in for absent staff, to help handle temporary work overloads, or to advise client in specialized areas outside the client’s area of expertise.




  • Expert counsel in areas of special interest.

  • Specialists in many areas of risk management available.

  • Research facilities close at hand.

  • Projects completed on deadlines.


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