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Consultancy Risk Management...
The Concept

Risk management includes all activities, conscious or not, directed toward the control of static risk. ("Static" risk contemplates only the possibility of loss, as opposed to "dynamic" risk which also anticipates the potential for gain.) The objective of risk management is to reduce the ultimate cost of static risk by techniques designed to eliminate or reduce the number of losses and/or their financial impact on the enterprise.


In large companies, specialists in risk management provide advice to top management, as well as handling the day-to-day administration of the Risk Management and Insurance functions. Smaller companies rely on the Chief Executive Officer and/or the Chief Financial Officer to perform these functions.


The concept of Consultancy Risk Management recognizes the needs of smaller companies for:


  1. Professional risk management counseling.

  2. Efficient use of time and resources.

  3. A client-oriented viewpoint.

  4. Results focused approach.

  5. Objectivity. (Fortune Risk Management does not sell insurance.)

  6. Flexibility as to time and cost.


On behalf of the professionals affiliated with Fortune Risk Management, Inc; I invite you to contact us if we can provide more information or be of assistance to you.

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